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Sebia agarose gel electrophoresis: a well-established and robust protein separation technology

Technology presentation

Protein electrophoresis is a well-established technique routinely used in clinical laboratories for screening of protein abnormalities in serum and other biological fluids. The semi-automated gel electrophoresis instrument, HYDRASYS, has been developed to provide a complete test panel with high sensitivity and good resolution.

Technology principle

The Sebia gel technology is based on the principle of separation molecules in an agarose medium. The HYDRASYS instruments allow simultaneous sample analyses on one gel. Sample application, migration, washing and staining are performed automatically.

Three types of separation occur according to:

The charge of the proteins, in a specific pH buffer
The isoelectric point, in a specific pH gradient
The molecular weight of the proteins, in a SDS-agarose gel

The processed gels can be scanned by a densitometer, on-board the HYDRASYS 2 Scan or with the stand alone GELSCAN, in order to quantify the protein fractions.