Fully Automated Capillary Electrophoresis

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Publish Date : Sunday, 18.October 2015 17:54
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Fully Automated Capillary Electrophoresis
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Capillarys2 Flex

Technical characteristics


Continuous sample loadinghemoglobin
Tube capacity:
Proteins: 104 samples
HbA1c or Hb: 88 samples
CDT: 91 samples


Proteins: 80 tests/h
HbA1c or Hb: 38 tests/h
CDT: 38 tests/h

Sample types

Whole blood (capped tubes), venous blood, capillary blood samples   
Cord blood


Positive ID & Reagents Traceability

Barcoded racks and tubes: high resolution built-in barcode reader
Positive sample identification: full traceability from primary tube to final resultprotein
 Barcoded reagents and controls

Sampling mode


Initial loading: 13 racks, 104 tubes (8 samples/rack)

Full automation with continuous loading
Direct sampling from primary tubes
Sampling from open and capped tubes (cap piercing)
Efficient mixing system with multiple sample inversions


8 silica capillaries

Migrations performed in capillaries at accurate temperature controlled by a Sebia proprietary Peltier based regulation device