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STA Satellite® USB is a fully automated, Haemostasis analyser performing clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays. STA Satellite® USB offers complete automation to low-medium coagulation laboratory combined with high walk-away capability. Thanks to its technological innovations,STA Satellite® USB ensures a high reliability level as well as ease of use,flexibility and complete security,all within a reduced footprint.

• Excellent reproducibility and sampling reliability thanks to Stago Double Resolution Diluter
• Positive barcode identification of samples and reagents
• High traceability: complete management of barcoded reagents with precalibration
• Reduced user maintenance thanks to unique innovative features (ORD, LED) user maintenance
• Integrated quality control program
• Viscosity-Based (Mechanical) Detection System: immediate delivery of accurate and precise results
for any type of coloured plasma assays,maximum precision for weak clot detection and
standardisation between Stago systems.