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SemiAutomated Gel Electrophoresis

Technical characteristics


Small footprint
Peltier based temperature control device for fast and accurate temperature regulation
Simple flexible programming through LCD touch screen interface
> 60 optimized migration programs
> 10 staining and washing programs
Easy maintenance

Autonomy / sample loading

From 1 to 54 sample gels
Up to 3 gels simultaneously (migration, staining and reading)


Proteins: up to 162 tests/h
Immunofixations: up to 17 per hour with the IF fast program2
Hemoglobins: up to 30 tests/hHydragel

Sample types

 Secretion samples
Packed red blood cells

Positive ID

Connection with the pipetting station ASSIST
Barcode management for sample applicators and gels
Linked to the data management software Phoresis CORE


Disposable microporous applicators (Sebia proprietary technology)
6, 7, 15 & 18 wells to be used on the 1 to 54 sample gels

Optimized reading (SCAN versions)

Two-dimensional measurement
Direct visualization of the gel

Accurate optical density measurement
Precise quantification of all fractions
Reading process by transmission
Automatic correction of light source heterogeneity
Automatic detection of the electrophoretic track position on the gel
Perfect stability of the system during data capture