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Fully Automated Elisa Analyzer

Sample Station
Tubes Up to 96 positions for tubes 11-12.5 mm diameter, 55 –100 mm height
Up to 50 positions for tubes 16 mm diameter, 100 mm height
Label UPC Version A and E (EAN 8 and 13), Code 39,
Interleaved 2 and 5, Code 93, Code-bar, Discrete 2 or 5,
Code 128, Code 39 FULL ASCII.

The scanner will discriminate between the symbols,
except Code 39 and Code 39 FULL ASCII.
Loading Capacity 96/91/50 samples depending on the selected rack or sample strip loading.personal lab
Identification Positive Sample Identification (PSID) by built-in bar code reader
and dedicated sample loading facility
Sample Loading Choice between different types of sample rack,
or the new featured sample strip loading.

Incubation Station
Incubation Area Manages 2 microplates at 2 different temperatures
Temperature At least 5°C higher than the room temperature or 30°C ÷ 45°C
Stability ± 1°C
Incubation Time Programmable
Warm-Up 15 minutes

Pipetting Station
Working Area Manages 2 microplates independently
Syringe Dilutors High precision 1mL and 5mL Micro-Pumps with ceramic piston.
Syringes Resolution 4000 steps on max. stroke
Replicate Controls /
Standards Programmable from 1 to 4
Replicate Samples Programmable from 1 to 8
Precision for Serum
Samples <2.5% with 10μL (CV), <2.0% with 25μL (CV), <1.5% with 100μL (CV)
Precision for Reagents <3.0% with 50μL (CV), <2.2% with 100μL (CV)
Serum Dispensing Time (volume 100μL/1 ml washing) using metal needle
Serum Dispensing TimeReagent Dispensing Time

Washing Station
Washing Volumes 100 to 2,000 μL
Wash Cycles 1 to 9
Soak time 1 second to 3 minutes
Pressure Low or normal

Photometric Reading
Working Area Allows for 2 reading stations
Reading Range 0 to 3.0 OD
Reading Channels Single, double or double beam with over range filter vertical reading
Reading Filters 8 interference filters
Standard Filter Range 405-450-492-550-620 nm, (other filters optional)
Linearity 1% (0:2 OD)
Precision 1% (0:2 OD)